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Jostein Austrheim

Born in 1953, Jostein Austrheim worked as a farmer on the family farm named Austrheim on the island of Utsira in Norway from 1974 until 2009. Since then, he has been spending most of his time working as a carpenter/caretaker and restructuring and modernizing his house. His greatest hobby is the history of Utsira. He has been collecting material since the beginning of the 1980s and the culmination of that research was Utsira, Gard og slekt (Utsira, Farm and family), by Jostein Austrheim, published in 1995, of which this book is a translation, and Utsira fram til år 2000 (Utsira, to the year 2000), by Roar Svendsen and Bjørn Arild Hansen Ersland, with the assistance of Jostein Austreim, published in May, 2000.
Austrheim graduated from Rogaland Jordbruksskole (Rogaland Agricultural College) of Tveit (1972), at Nedstrand, Tysvær, Norway. He was planning graduate study when he was called back to Utsira to manage the farm due to his father’s ill health.
Like many other local history writers, there was an interest in the farmers and their families who were the driving force behind the present day. The writer hopes this translation of his book will be well received among its readers.

Photo of author: Johannes Christoffersen, Sept. 2011.
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Utsira lighthouse

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